Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Crazy

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. That little holiday that doesn't give us much time off from work but does give us that blessed excuse to eat like our life depended on it. The turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the COOL WHIP! Yes, cool whip might in fact be my favorite part of Thanksgiving (or any major holiday involving pie.) As my grandma told my aunt who brought dessert, "Make sure you bring one container for Abby and one for the rest of us." So what if I eat it like candy? I don't even care if you're judging me right now.

My friend Courtney re-posted her blog about Thanksgiving traditions (read here! and it made me think about what I enjoyed most about this Thanksgiving. I have to say, Thanksgiving dinner conversation is probably my favorite. For example, the board game Candyland was featured at this year's dinner talk. My cousins and I had played it the night before (at my request) and somehow it got mentioned at dinner. As my uncle said, "There's nothing like getting sent back to Plumpy and still making a big finish to win." A word from the wise.

The day following Thanksgiving involved some low-key Black Friday shopping, if that's possible. After contemplating for 45 minutes or so whether I wanted to go super early and shop like the pros, I decided, "No. I like sleep." So I went out with my aunt and cousins around 9 and we still found some good deals. Although around 11:30, I started getting that feeling like the walls were closing in on me and the need for my personal bubble, which had long since been bursted, came back full force. Let's just say I prefer shopping when I don't fear stampeding at any moment.

Saturday was Christmas Decorating Day! Or should I say, Christmas Decorating Day, Part 1 of 17. Because that's probably how many days it will take to finish. My grandma has over 65 boxes of Christmas decorations, so you can see how it takes some time. Don't worry. She also has a organizational notebook so we know what decorations are in which boxes and what boxes are in which closets. Things got a little frantic when she thought she lost the notebook this summer, but thank heavens we found it. So as the Christmas tree went up, my cousins and I were assigned the joyous task of decorating it with approximately 35,000 Christmas balls. About halfway through this task, disaster struck. The dozen strands of Christmas lights on the tree inexplicably went out. Cue moment of panic. Immediately, thoughts of "Good lord, do we have to take this all apart??" went through my brain. I stepped away from the tree, hoping my brain would not explode. I took a break in the kitchen and by the time I got back, voila! Lights back on. Christmas magic! Anyhow, we finally finished and the tree looks overstuffed, but still quite lovely.
(Not our tree. But you get the picture.)

And now, as we're all coming off our Thanksgiving buzz, I'm back at work. On a Sunday night. For the class that I'm auditing. I'm looking at about 4 hours + in the printmaking studio tonight. Hopefully the result will be cheap Christmas presents for everyone I know!

I hope all of you had a marvelous holiday, and that you got to enjoy your own Thanksgiving traditions. I'm sure the upcoming season of crazy holiday preparations will provide much material for entertaining blog posts. At least you'd better hope so, for your own sakes.


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  1. I'm shaking in my booties for what the future holds for this blog.