Monday, November 8, 2010

stop this train

So here's something.

I just registered for my last semester of grad school classes.  After I get through next semester, I just have an internship and then next December, voila! I am an MSW.  Where is all this time going? Didn't I just start high school a few years ago?  I am feeling really impressed that I've been able to pack so much action into the last nine years.

I often wonder what will happen and what I will be thinking this time next year, or this time two years from now.  The truth is, I can't even imagine it. I can't imagine what having a full time job will be like, or what that job will be, or where it will's just that so much has changed in what seems like just a short amount of time.

When Abby and I were Sophomore's in HS, we used to pass notes back and forth to each other during the passing periods.  We didn't have any classes together, or maybe just one, but we refused to let this stop our communication throughout the day.

The notes were filled with the plans we had for our lives.  Where would we live? Who would we marry? It seems a little 1950s, but honestly, I never really thought about what I would do for a living until oh, probably my Junior year of college. It never occurred to me that I would have to provide for myself, or that I should plan on doing anything other than Dance for the rest of my years.

Now look at me. Look at us.  I wish I could still pass you notes, Abba.  I guess in a lot of ways we still pass "notes".  But I just can't get over how quickly everything happened, and how far off our 16-year-old predictions for ourselves were.

Some things never change, though.

And it's nice to know some of the people you loved when you were 16, you still love today and always.

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