Saturday, November 20, 2010

7 Things That Would Make This World A Better Place

I've been a little serious on the blog lately, so I'm bringing back the Sparkle, Sparkle with some ideas for improving life on earth.

1. All skirts should be made with a slick lining so that they don't stick to your tights. Am I right, ladies? No awkward clinging.

2. Cupcakes would be an essential part of a balanced diet. Frosting would only make you healthier.

3. Everyone should have to rock/hold a baby for at least 30 minutes a week. Check this out for reasons why (Thanks for the link, Deva!)

4. Mixers and meeting new people would somehow magically not be awkward or frightening at all. Maybe I'm just being a whiner on this one. Whatever. Large groups of new people overwhelm me.

5. AT&T would build a tower riiiiight outside Seward so I wouldn't have to suffer through an average of 4 dropped calls per conversation.

6. Fluorescent lighting would NEVER be used in bathrooms or dressing rooms. This seems ridiculously logical, I'm not even sure why I have to bring it up.

7. Dance parties would be a regular occurrence. As in every day.

Granted, some of these involve changing laws of food chemistry, but overall I really don't think I'm asking for too much. So if any of you run for office someday, you know what issues are the most important to this constituent.

Have a sparkly weekend, friends. :)


  1. I ended up dropping my Cricket phone- when they asked why, I said that I needed coverage in Seward. The lady paused, and said, "Well, you can get coverage right outside of Seward..." Sorry. That doesn't cut it.

    I have dance parties everyday- but it helps that I work with little kids and music all day. :-)

  2. It's official, I do influence this blog!

    Oh, and even though we don't talk regularly, Abby, just knowing that I CAN talk to you endlessly without getting charged minutes is good enough for me. Allah is good.