Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog World, Dave. Dave, Blog World.

This is my friend Dave. You might ask, "Abby, does Dave meet qualifications to be institutionalized?" I would reply, "You might think so, but it's really just the photo."
Here is Dave as a baby, sans beard. Look at him play that bass! He's very talented.
Dave is also Devin's friend. They're my "D" friends - Dev 'n Dave.
The three of us hang out sometimes. Here we are, creating an artistic tableau.
Dave has a mini-guitar. I try to get a picture of myself and the uke during every visit.
How does this relate to Sparkle, Sparkle's overall theme of life, love and Devin/Abby? It doesn't. Except that Dave has been whining consistently for the past month for his own personal blog entry. So here you go, Davo. Enjoy your custom-made shout out.

But seriously, everyone should know that Dave is one of my dear, dear friends. He keeps me entertained via gchat, often making me laugh out loud during work. AND HE CAME TO VISIT ME IN NEBRASKA! (Granted, he was primarily visiting family, but that's not the point.) So yes. This is Dave. Get to know him if you have the chance.

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