Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surprise! Or, Blindsided by Life Once Again.

Who here likes surprises? I've never really decided whether I'm a surprise kinda gal or not. I like the concept of surprises, but when put into practice they're not always the most fun. I have been thrown one surprise party in my life and I knew it was coming, so that sort of negated the whole "surprise" aspect. I've been surprised with a little brother on my birthday, which was sweet until I realized that I would have to share a cake for all eternity. And then there are those pleasant little surprises of life... finding out you have a class with your friend, shockingly cheap plane tickets that let you go home, and real live letters in the mail. All of these are great fun and add many points to the Surprise Pro Column. However, there are a few BIG points in the Surprise Con Column too. I don't want to be depressing, but who likes to suddenly find out that there's no indoor pool in thier *ahemSEWARD* town? Or that your sports team of choice loses a game they were supposed to handle? Or that people are indeed capable of leaving you out of the blue? (yes, it's true.)

So there are lots of ups and downs with the surprise thing. However, lately I've had a couple of nice surprises and I'd like to share them with the blogosphere.

1. SURPRISE! I did indeed fit all of my clothes/presents/random crap in my suitcase to bring back to Seward! And I found space for all of it (basically) in my room! I'm a master organizer! (OK, this part is not surprising, but I still just get a kick out of how much you can actually put in a small space if you really try.)

2. SURPRISE! I did not find a huge stack of papers and things to get taken care of when I came back to work! Instead, I found two donations for the CLA! Holler for generosity!

3. SURPRISE! I got to take a two hour nap today! Enough said.

4. SURPRISE! It's snowing! Which is only sort of a surprise because the weather people have been predicting it for a while now, but let's face it, it's still sort of surprising when they're right.

5. SURPRISE! Turns out I might actually have a social life-ish this year! I'm very indebted to a friend here who has introduced me to more Seward-ites, which means that hopefully I won't have to feel all small and lonely in this place anymore.

So, I guess Surprise wins in the Pro Column today. This makes up for all of those dumb surprises that I would really like to return to sender if I could. Anyhow, I know that this post is probably even more arbitrary and boring than my usual ramblings, but I would just like to wish all of you a happy surprise today or in the near future. Cheers.

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