Friday, October 29, 2010


Remember when TGIF was not only a saying, but a full prime time TV schedule? Boy Meets World...Sabrina the Teenage was good.

And speaking of great TV shows, can I just take a quick break here and mention a few other jewels from our youth? Legends of the Hidden Temple (terrifying when they went through that obstacle course at the end.) Clarissa Explains It All! What girl wouldn't want a cute neighbor boy climbing through her window any time of day? Actually, kind of creepy. Global Guts?? All That??? Ok, I'm getting carried away. But Spongebob has nothing on true entertainment.

Aaaanyhow. My point was not to reminisce about 90s television. Instead, I wanted to list off a few reasons why I am excited for this weekend DESPITE having no actual plans.

1. It's the weekend, duh.

2. I do not have to dress up in any kind of costume for Halloween, merely pass out the candy to the cute youngsters that come trick-or-treating. (Although I will be fondly remembering last year's Halloween-o-rama with joy in my heart.)

3. Tomorrow marks the first day I will be able to sleep in after about a month of volleyball tournaments and other Saturday morning activities. Bliss!

4. I will be screenprinting my little heart out, but that's OK. It's pretty therapeutic.

5. College football features Nebraska vs. Mizzou tomorrow afternoon. Go Big Red! Need I say more?

So while you're all off partying it up and being your wild child selves, I'll be at home in comfy clothes eating massive amounts of leftover candy. Woo hoo!

Happy Halloween! :)

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