Sunday, October 31, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You And Other Life Truths I Learned From Hollywood

Today I watched He's Just Not That Into You for the 3rd or 4th time. Ladies, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Guys, you probably won't like it, so I wouldn't bother. Yes, it's a cheesy romantic comedy, but I still think it's cute, and there are actually some very good points in there. And this isn't the only movie that has made me think, "Wow. That's SO true." Ohhhh no, my friends. The cinema is a powerful educational tool. For instance...

He's Just Not That Into You. There's a reason the original book is so popular. Because it basically READ'S MEN'S MINDS. Well, not quite, but it still points out the obvious "warning signs" that girls tend to ignore when they like a guy who doesn't like them back. Like if he doesn't call you... he probably is Just Not That Into You. (I know, the title kinda gives it all away up front.) After watching this movie, I refuse to believe that there are guys that are so shy that they can't get up the courage to ask a girl out. If they really liked her, they'd get their act together, right? RIGHT!

Pride and Prejudice. This movie proves that romance doesn't have to be over-the-top, corny or super sexy. In fact, I would put Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy at the top of my all-time favorite fictional couples list. They don't even kiss until the last scene!! And yet it's so incredibly wonderful all the way through. I suppose this movie is also proof that I'm not a complete cynic. I still cry when Mr. Darcy comes walking across the moors to proclaim his love. Why does nothing like this happen to me in real life? Here's why. It's not 1784 anymore and I don't live in an English manor. Shoot.

Little Miss Sunshine. There's just something touching about the ending of this movie. (Spoiler alert!) You know, when Olive gets up on the beauty pageant stage and starts dancing inappropriately. It's not the awkward dancing that gets to me, it's the fact that this little girl has no inhibitions, that she's doing what she loves, and that she wants to share it with the world. Then her family joins her (to save her from being booed offstage) and it's just all the more emotional. I'm glad to say I've got friends and family who will join in with me when I make myself look ridiculous (on those rare, rare occasions where I do not come off as totally smooth...) What more could I ask for in life? Maybe a million dollars and a baby penguin, but I'll settle for the reliable support system.

James Bond. This is mostly just to prove that I don't only watch girl movies. Also, the lesson I learned from the many 007 flicks I have seen is this: James Bond only likes hot women, and can't stay in a committed relationship. Ohhh, how many times I have seen this manifest itself in reality...
In conclusion. I will continue to watch movies. I will continue to make vast generalizations about how these movies always relate to real life. I will continue to be disappointed when I wake up at sunrise for my morning outdoor contemplation and do not find a 18th century gent striding toward me in the mist. And I will continue to write blog entries about things that probably no one finds amusing except myself and a select few people who tolerate my crazy. (please reference Little Miss Sunshine lesson)


  1. So basically what I got out of this is that: There is a guy that you like, but you don't know if he likes you because he's shy around you, but you really want him to ask you out. He's not asking you out because you don't have old style dresses and a complicated emotional family dynamic where you can rebel and run across a field in slow motion to be with the guy your family doesn't approve of but rather a low key "lets be the buttress for each other when we fall" type family. While he is a bit on the loose end of life where he is kind of a player and hates penguins.

  2. you nailed it hashem. i love your ability to see through my blog facade.