Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Talkin' Bout my Geeeeneration!

Today was the first day that my fingers turned blue. Well, I assume they turned blue. My nails are painted right now so I couldn't tell for sure, but they definitely felt pretty cold. This is how I know that winter is almost uponst us. One day it was fall, a pleasant 70 degrees, and now we're going into that season that I like to call "one of the worst results of sin." Seriously though, I'm almost positive the Garden of Eden was sunny with an 80 degree dry heat.

And one of the things that comes along with winter is the recent memory of one day in Valpo when we had a little blizzard and got about 22 inches of snow in 3 hours. Remember that, Valpo-ites? There was snow up to my hip! The Wal-Mart closed the next day! But wait, I seem to remember... yes. We still had class. You couldn't make a Wal-Mart run to grab bottled water and canned goods but I probably still had to go to some crummy PR class.

And now I hear all this news via Facebook newsfeed that there was a tornado warning in Valpo and they cancelled class! No actual funnel cloud in site! Just a "warning." What kind of wimpy school did I go to?? Which leads me to my thesis statement...

Kids these days. (Picture me shaking my smirking face and rolling my eyes.)

In all seriousness though, it's interesting to think about our generation growing up and becoming parents and (eek) grandparents someday. Will we still be as attached to our cell phones as we are now? I admit, I kind of freak out if I leave home without mine. Will women be updating their facebook statuses as they go into labor? Will guys twitter their way through a business deal? What will this do to our kids? I suppose they'll probably be sending mind signals to their friends.

And I know we've all asked ourselves, "Is this Ke$ha song going to be considered an 'Oldie' someday?" I don't even know if I'm old enough to be listening to her lyrics. Why didn't the foxtrot or the waltz come back into style? It seems as though the bump 'n grind is here to stay. And this doesn't even begin to touch on all of the political, economic and social issues that seem to be worsening with every year.

Obviously, every generation has its own issues. Even the 1950s was merely another decade parading around as Pleasantville nostalgia. I just wonder if the things that make our generation weaker and more materialistic will only explode further as time goes on. Maybe our kids will reject our crazy, quick-as-lightning society and calm down a little. Or maybe not. I hope they'll inherit some of our common sense, but maybe not as much of the cynicism that often taints our age group. Take the tenacity, leave the arrogance. Take the willingness, leave the self-centeredness.

And then somedays I just feel like a kid myself, and I want my mom to fix everything for me. It takes a lot of energy to grow up properly, and life doesn't do us many favors. However, I'm pretty convinced that we as a generation won't turn out to be total losers. Although there's still a few years to go as the results come in... :)


  1. You always seem to have interesting and insightful things to say, Abby.

  2. Well said. I ask myself these same questions. And to answer your 22 inch snow questions, simple by...long live the Harre days.

    Also, I actually sold my iPhone (I know it's crazy that our society revolves around a phone) and dulled down a lot of my living, in an attempt live a more simple life after college. I had a good conversation once about this with Justin Egge; he makes some valid points. And if you want some good perspective on this issue, talk to James Strasberry. I think they both have a lot to offer on this topic. But I think what all of us, you, me, Justin, James all share in this whole thing regardless of our tradition is our value of tradition. It what keeps us grounded and back to our simple roots, rather then stray off in becoming women who text while in labor or men who twitter in the OR.

    Thank you for this.