Monday, September 27, 2010

A Story of Our Youth. Chapter 9.

Since this IS a blog about the friendship that is mine and Devin's, I think I'll share one of our many adventures, or in this case, not-so-adventures. It's called....

Mexico: The Excursion That Never Was.

It all started with a couch. A lovely, creamy white leather couch. This couch currently resides in my living room at home, but at one point it was housed in a furniture store. Until my parents spotted it and knew it was love. (Or at least like enough to buy.) And then came the greatest part of said furniture purchase - a free trip to MEXICO!!!

As I was along with my parents at this time, I said, "Oh man! Dad! Forget the $1000 instant rebate and get the trip! Devin and I could go!" To which he responded, "OK." In so many words.

Devin and I were ecstatic. Just think! It was the beginning of our junior year at college and we were thinking about how nice it would be to escape from the winter cold and sit poolside at a beautiful resort in sunny Mexico. Bliss. Or so we thought...

The vacation company had an awful lot of hoops to jump through. But we obliged them, knowing our reward would be awesome. First we had to choose three different locations. Then we had to choose three different resorts. Then we had to choose three different dates. Three different airports to fly out of. Three different yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture. Then some magic computer would jumble all of our choices together into our dream vacation. It was only a matter of time until we found out where we would be destined to go.

In the meantime, we got our affairs in order. Devin got herself a passport, I checked to make sure that mine had not disappeared, and we constantly talked about how fantastic our lives were now that we had a beachy trip in our futures.

And then, one fateful day, we heard the news. My dad informed us that some fine print of the vacation deal required that we be at least 23 years of age to go. Neither Devin and I were (or even are now) 23. Disaster! Cue us screaming, "NOOOOOOoooooo!!!"

So as quickly as it came, our dream vacation was out the window. Later, we decided that it was probably all for the best, considering the massive amounts of crime and people being shot at resorts and such. The moral of the story is this, ladies and gents: If you should buy a couch and get a free trip to Mexico as an incentive to buy the couch, and you fill out all the appropriate forms, and choose your three destinations/airports/dates, and get your passport and EVERYTHING... be at least 23.