Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something Pretty

"Here I am, where I've been. I've walked a hundred miles in tobacco skin, and my clothes are worn and gritty. And I know ugliness, now show me something pretty." - Patrick Park

I heard this song today and it made me think, "Huh. I would like to see something pretty right now!" So I started thinking of pretty things, and here's what I came up with.

#1 pretty thing: Seashells. Now, who doesn't love a good seashell? I myself think they are quite pretty, and it's not just because I'm obsessed with all things nautical right now. (I think it's just a phase.) Many seashells have PERFECT SPIRALS in their design, and that is frankly just amazing.

#2 pretty thing: Cupcakes. Don't pretend like you didn't know this one was coming. But look at it!!! It's so pretty!!! Not to mention delicious, I'm sure.

#3 pretty thing: Anthropologie necklaces. I actually think most things from Anthropologie are extremely pretty, but isn't this necklace just a summer-meadow-dream?

#4 pretty thing: Fall floral arrangements. It's starting to feel autumn-ish outside, and that has me in the mind of apple cider, pumpkins and anything flavored with nutmeg. But also, pretty, pretty flowers in orange, red, yellow and plum. Pretty.

#5 pretty thing: Art nouveau posters. I chose this one especially because it's advertising absinthe, which isn't necessarily pretty in my mind (although it is a nice green color.) But the poster is still so darn pretty! So many swirls and curly-Qs. Plus I adore that old-fashioned text.

So, now that I've typed the word "pretty" enough times that it's starting to look weird, I'll leave you to go and discover your own pretty things.

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