Friday, September 3, 2010

By the numbers...

Quick blog post to keep things alive and kickin'... I'm not much of a mathy person, but here's a little insight into the numerical side of my life.

0 - number of minutes until my lunch break.
10 - number of minutes it takes me to walk home.
4 - number of times I take this walk every day. Also the number of stoplights in Seward.
3 - number of times I gouged my fingers with my printmaking blade (also number of bandaids currently on my hand...ouch!)
97 - number of fundraising letters from which I hope to receive beautiful checks to fund the art exhibit I'm working on.
2 - number of letters that have already been "return to sender-ed" because of old addresses.
42 dillion - number of things on my To-Do list.
23 - number of HOURS until I see my other half, Dev!
1 - number of smiles on my face when I think about going home this weekend!!

Off to the homeland!

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