Thursday, September 23, 2010

I love college.

*Insert funky hip-hop song from last summer here*

OK, I admit it. I miss college.

I miss going to bed at 1 am and not suffering for it too much the next day. I miss living with people my age. I miss having something... ANYTHING... to do on the weekends. I miss chapel at Valpo (it's just not as cool at Concordia). I miss passing professors on the sidewalk that I actually know. I miss complaining about the terrible weather. I miss always having people around I can talk to. I miss SigEp dance parties. I miss ridiculous CC classes where nothing gets accomplished. I miss tater tots at the Union. I miss Chorale and how much of my time it consumed. I miss Super Smash, asdfjkl;, and all of my other amazing intramural vball teams. I miss watching TV shows NOT by myself. I miss going to SALT on Tuesday night with people who are passionate about the world. I miss the crazy hi-jinks of Dean Piehl and the miraculous wonders of Dean Franson. I miss having conversations where I don't have to explain why I'm in Seward or where I came from. I miss Passtimes, Duffy's and Northsides. I miss having a Target. I miss my Valpo people.

So yeah, I miss college. Being an adult is so overrated.


  1. This is the most intense blog I've come across yet. It's made me laugh, cry, sing, dance, jump, scream, crawl, march, hop, kick, fart, stare, drool, and so much more. Yet I think you need to get over college, welcome to reality.

  2. You know... I really agree with this. I miss when I had a mediocre day and singing at chorale rehearsal just seemed to make things better. I had so many good friends at Valpo. It's hard to get used to not having people like that around. I am honestly pretty apprehensive about leaving grad school in the spring and facing the real world head on. I do hope Seward has some upsides in spite of not being Valpo.

  3. Thanks Andrew, I hope you find some up sides in the real world too!

    And Hashem, I'm so glad that this blog made you crawl. And drool, for that matter. Ahh, the power of words.