Sunday, February 10, 2013

Procrastination, Or the Birth and Sustenance of Sparkle, Sparlke

Things I do when I want to procrastinate, in no particular order:

1. Check Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, school email. Rinse and repeat until I come out of the haze and realize that nothing is going to change in the next 3 minutes.

2. Wash my dishes. Let me tell you, my dishes are always clean.

3. Contemplate vacuuming. Unfortunately this one only seems to hit me in the late evening when it's really too late to vacuum. I'm not going to be that annoying neighbor.

4. Pinterest.

5. Check out the headlines on Feel really proud when Illinois makes the headlines in a good way. Feel annoyed and yet understanding when some commentator makes disparaging comments about them.

6. Play Candy Crush on my phone. This is a dumb little game with which I have an unhealthy obsession. Every 25 levels or so, it prompts me to pay $.99 for the next 25 levels. I have done so twice thus far. "This is what it must be like to be one of those kids who plays World of Warcraft," I think to myself.

7. Put away random objects that have found their way to my coffee table and kitchen counter.

8. Call my mom and ask if she wants to get coffee. This is actually quite a nice one, although it often takes longer than washing the dishes.

9. Contemplate my impending wedding.

10. Check the refrigerator to see if I have anything to make for lunch and/or dinner. If not, hooray! I get to go grocery shopping, which equals more procrastination.

11. Take a shower. At least I'm improving my life with this one.

12. Check my email again. Aaaaaand again.

13. Think about how I should really be doing work. Feel increasingly guilty the longer I do this.

14. Make myself some coffee, or if I'm feeling really adventurous, go to get coffee from a local establishment. Walk leisurely so as to not get back to my work too soon.

15. Channel surf for about 15 minutes. The only times this one lasts longer than that are if Remember the Titans or a Lifetime Movie is on.

16. Take a nap. (This one is my favorite.)

17. Wander aimlessly from my bedroom to my living room, while trying to locate my motivation.

18. Wait, have I checked my email recently?

19. Stretch.

20. Update Sparkle, Sparlke, which works out great for all you fine people, but not so great for my workload. Thankfully I'm dedicated to the cause and have no intention of giving up my fine procrastination skills anytime soon. That means more blog posts, lucky you!

Ok, time to check my email. You know, because it's been a while.

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