Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello, Cyberworld!

This is us. Let us introduce ourselves.  We're Devin and Abby... and we're best friends.  In fact, recently, some new acquaintances have told me, "you don't have to keep saying 'my best friend Abby' we get that you're best friends."

Up until this point you may have falsely believed we're one collaborative entity, but sadly, we are two separate beings. So, separate, in fact, that we are forced to live states apart.

So ok, back to introducing ourselves.  (You'll find we often get sidetracked, or as we like to call it, wistfully swept into other conversation.)  

Devin: Grad Student/ Future Social Worker or Firetruck

When I was 5 I had to describe what I wanted to be when I grew up on my application to Kindergarten.  I asked my mom to write "Ballerina. Or Firetruck".  She did. And I stand firmly by that.  But since I also like to eat, I've decided that getting my Master's in social work might not be a bad idea... and I am still going to try to sneak dance into my life somewhere.  

Mostly you can sum me up like this: Abby had to correct the way I spelled "sum" (some. good) I like to: dance, cackle when I laugh, snuggle, cook things, eat honey out of the top of that cute little bear's head.

Abby: Freshman in life.

If that doesn't satisfy your wondering mind, I guess I can spare a few more details. Currently working at the Center for Liturgical Art of Concordia University, Nebraska. Official title? "Exhibition and Project Manager." (Yes, I made this up myself a few days ago. But soon it will be on a real, live business card. So no sass.)

In my spare time, I perfect the art of bonsai tree trimming, make my own bread, and practice my handstands. Or I mostly just watch Friends and create the occasional greeting card. You decide.

In summary, this is our newest attempt at creating an empire.  We decided we need more ways to keep in touch on daily basis (Texting, talking on the phone, facebook were not enough). So here we are... an insight into our bestfriendship... you may find it amusing, but we take it all seriously. Especially the sarcasm. We intend to rival all of our secretly favorite blogs, and one day name our own planet. 

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