Friday, December 17, 2010

Remember Me?

Hello Bloggy-Type People!

Official Bloggy Photo of Just My Head  

Remember me?  

I'm the other sparkle, in "Sparkle Sparkle".  In fact, some would say I'm the "sparlke" ;-)
I really am sorry I have been so MIA these past sparkly months, but truth be told, it might have been a good thing.  You see, in my graduate program, I have to write. A lot. So much so that I really began to resent the written word in all shapes and sizes.  Every time I thought about writing a blog post, the following would happen.

1. Groan about having to write papers. Become anxious about sitting in front of the computer to type something.
2. Look down at my soon-to-be arthritic hands (from typing over 200 pages this semester)

3. Think to myself "What do I have to tell the world, anyway?"

So you see, had I actually written a post, it probably would it of have been negative, snarky and resentful of paper writing.

But! Miracle of miracles, Winter Break is upon us. What does that mean?  My grumbles about the world are becoming more faint, and I'm ready to type again! So, followers new and old, what in the world shall I blog about?  I'd like to log some blog  (rhyming! i dig it!) time this break, and until inspiration nudges me in the "write" (puns! what fun!) direction, I'm open to suggestions. Let's hear 'em! I'll do my best to appease. 

Thanks for welcoming me back into your virtual lives, y'all. I'm excited to be back!  

1 comment:

  1. suggestions:
    - put one foot in front of the other and move in a circle, this should inspire you, or so I've heard...
    - read through some of those 427 emails we got this semester, I remember them really pulling at my emotions when I read them the first time around
    - develop a new form of therapy and tell me about it, use "rage work" as a starting point