Monday, February 27, 2012

Things that are Surprising.

Here are some things that surprised me today:

1. I found an open wireless internet connection while sitting on the West Couch in my Grandparents' living room. I felt like this sort of occasion warranted a blog post. Also, I feel like I should never move. Until my battery dies, of course. Then I will be forced to risk it all and venture toward an outlet.

2. I just looked down at my finger and saw that I was bleeding! Not a lot, mind you, but don't you find those sorts of things to be odd? I never even felt anything! My skin must really be able to tolerate a lot of pain. (But don't test me, I cry easy.)

That's all! These are not really life insights, but I can't be revelatory all the time. Every once in a great while, I'm just an ordinary gal who finds non-password-protected wireless connections and nicks her finger. Who knew!

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